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Maxwell's Automotive is your source for every day automotive repair and maintenance, as well as high-performance additions to your muscle car. If you have any need for auto assistance, contact Mawell's Automotive today.


$90/hr for labor plus the cost of parts. It's that simple.
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"I've taken my car in for both service and repairs for several years now.The owner, Bill Maxwell, is a straight-shooter. He's gets the work done on time and, I know from shopping around, that his prices are competitive. Most importantly, he's honest and ethical.

BTW, he'll give you a ride home if you need one!"

-William B from Ojai

"My experience with Maxwell's Automotive was very positive. Bill was able to diagnose and solve my vehicles problem that had persisted for over 18 months. I was impressed with the courteous professional service I received."

-Barbara Johnson from Oak View


Gas cap fix, follows 4k price estimate

"Again I wish to thank you all for giving us Ojai fold the opportunity to express our opinions, no matter how bad or good, and especially for us older folks who have earned the right to bitch and moan about anything.

I always feel the need to share with the readers a business that has been unfair in their dealings, without mentioning the name. I feel other have had problems and will recognize the business. But in doing so, I talk about the good guy. Nine months ago I wrote about a computer business in Ojai that I had received very poor service from. I mentioned the great guys at another business in Oak View. They had 16 calls the following week form those who must have known who I was writing about.

Here is a great reason when having work done on your vehicle, to get a second opinion. A wonderful friend of mine, Carline, who lives in Ventura, brought her car to a very well-known and prominent auto repair facility. A couple days later she called me, devastated and depressed, to see if I would giver her a hand picking up her personal belongings out of her car. What happened was, she was informed that the car needed a new engine to the tune of $4,000 - more than the value of the car. They offered to sell the car at whole for her, ain't that great of 'em.

We got there to pick up her stuff. She started it to move it away from he fence so we could open the back. As it was running, I asked her if it was drivable; she though so. I called a good friend of mine, he highly recommended Bill Maxwell. The service light was on, because of that it could be anythings. He charged her $65 for her to leave it for him to completely check it out.

I hope you are sitting down as you read this. The reason for the engine check light being on and the problem was, it needed a new gas cap! This has to be the ultimate in gouging a single woman with limited income."

This letter will be passed on to other interested parties.

-Glen Morgan from the Ojai Valley News 3/5/2017

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